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The better care your hair extensions receive, the longer they will last. Here is our hair care recommendations for HairContrast extensions:

Hair Wash

Always brush your hair before shampooing as well as while drying it afterwards. Brush your hair and extensions from root to tip, never in any other direction.
Apply HairContrast shampoo to mid lengths and ends only at first, using the resultant foam to cleanse scalp and roots.
Only use lukewarm water on your extensions. Too hot water will opens the cuticle layer. This makes it more prone to tangling and reduces its ability to retain moisture.
Apply the HairContrast Protection Hair Mask as a leave in product after your hair wash.

Avoid Daily Straightening Irons If Possible

Too much dry heat styling dehydrates your hair and will cause split ends. If you use styling aids, irons or hairdryer daily, you must apply extra heat protecting products

Too much dry heat styling dehydrates your hair and will cause split ends. Only use HairContrast hair care products. Our hair care products are specially made for long hair and you will get a fantastic result. The shampoo has a unique combination of different proteins that are tailored for your hair. Our protection hair mask neutralizes the hairs Ph, and restores the hairs natural acid mantle by closing the cuticle layer and adding moisture.

At least once a week (twice is even better), apply HairContrast Protection Hair Mask and leave on for at least 30 mins as a deep acting treatment. Rinse thoroughly afterwards, again with lukewarm water, not hot.

HairContrast hair care products must be used for warranty.