100% AA Virgin REMY Human Hair

We at HairContrast have beautiful natural hair as a very high priority. We want to make sure that we have the highest grade possible for our REMY Human Hair, which is what makes our products very unique and the number one choice for all things hair. Our hair originates from Indonesian temples where women cut off their long hair, which is by choice since it is a part of a ritual in connection with their faith. The hair is 100% grey virgin hair and from their we alter the colour only once in the safest way possible to get the colour we would like. This way the hair is not damaged or looses its health or quality since the process is done without using harmful chemicals. We take a lot of pride in the way we collect our hair and make the products so that all cuticles are perfectly aligned with the original roots and direction being intact.


Our 100% SILKHAIR should not be confused with the typical artificial hair that can be found in the market. SILKHAIR is the only type of artificial hair that is the most similar to 100% REMY HUMAN HAIR with it’s natural appearance and it’s high quality for each strain of hair.

Our Collection of Hair Extensions

Clips on & off Hair Extensions, also called clip hair makes it easy to get long and full hair in seconds.

Tape-in Hair Extensions, hair system invented and developed by HairContrast. 100% Premium REMY human hair.

Hair Wefts Extensions, easily attached by braiding, clips, micro-rings or by using sewing the weft into the hair. 100% Premium REMY human hair

Pre-Bonded Extensions, attached by using Nordic Keratin System. 100% Premium REMY human hair.