Pre-bonded (keratin) hair extensions is a popular choice for thousands of women. They are long-lasting and an easy way to add length and volume. At HairContrast we offer pre-bonded extensions for salons and hair professionals.

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Why should you choose pre-bonded hair extensions?

Pre-bonded, or keratin, hair extensions are an easy way to add long-lasting volume and length to your hair, as well as protecting your natural hair, which is why they're the favourite option for thousands of women.

How do I take care of my extensions?

One of the reasons that pre-bonded hair extensions are so popular is that they can last a long time with proper care - up to twelve months! We can supply you with everything you'll need to preserve your hair extensions and keep them looking great.

Alternative to pre-bonded hair extensions

As a stylist, finding the perfect fit for your client is essential. Here at HairContrast, we have a wide variety of high quality hair extensions to choose from, so we're confident that you can find the perfect style to suit any customer. See all our hair extensions.