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HairContrast was initially known for inventing the very first tape extensions ever. Our Tape Hair Extensions has the latest technology and it is considered to be amongst the best in todays market.

Choices to your Clients

Inspired by the needs of your salon clients, HairContrast offers more versatility than just adding length. Arming you with a seamless solution to the clients hair challenges and fashion liking, our tape system allows you to add volume or additions of colour with maximum creativity.

HairContrast, Tape Hair Extensions System bringing high fashion looks to you and your salon clients.

What is the tape system?

Hair Extensions are applied using flat tape. Two wefts are sandwiched together around the natural hair for a seamless look. Application is fast and simple.
Each weft, provided it is cared for correctly, can be re-taped and re-applied to the hair up to three times.
Wefts can also be re-taped with clips and re-used, so that the client can add and remove their wefts at their convenience.

What lengths is tape-in hair extensions available in?

Our Tape System is available in:

  • 15cm (5.9 inch)
  • 30cm (11.8 inch)
  • 35cm (13.8 inch) (curly)
  • 45cm (17.7 inch)