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Unique hair pieces for fashion, thinning hair and hair loss

Custom made to fit and blend with existing look.

What You Can Do For Your Clients


Here at HairContrast, we believe that people choose to work in the hair industry to make others feel confident and look beautiful. Unfortunately, not all clients are feeling that beautiful because they are suffering with hair loss or thinning hair. However, this can end now because starting up with our unique hair loss solutions OR hair thinning solutions, you can now help those who are suffering with thinning hair or hair loss and it is just as simple as cutting hair.


Professional Hair Pieces

Work with HairContrast

HairContrast is one of Europe’s leading companies in tape hair extensions, thinning hair, and hair loss solutions. We help clients worldwide suffering with cases of minor to excessive hair loss to regain confidence and self-belief with our unique range of products.

We have successfully made our way into 20 markets worldwide. Since the companies’ inception, we have become very huge within Europe, especially within the Nordic countries. We strive to be a company that always puts our customers satisfaction first, ensuring that they will become self-confident after using one of our wide range of products.
Our products are tested and controlled by the Danish technology institute. We are best known for offering exclusive hair Extension solutions but in the past few years we have developed some very unique hair loss solution products for patients that suffer with Alopecia, thinning hair and others affected with hair loss. Furthermore, we offer a fashionable collection of high quality hair extensions products, hair care solutions sytems and accessories for long hair.

Quality and Service in focus

Our professional hair pieces is real human hair. Depending on the product type we have different quality grades but they all start from a high-quality grade. We always try to have local support and education so you can succeed with our hair pieces.

Unique Hair Loss Solutions

Specially designed for most cases of thinning hair and for those who have minor or excessive hair loss, alopecia, receding hair lines and bald spots.

All our non-surgical hair pieces for thinning hair and hair loss are made from real human hair, and will be customized to each user. Each solution is developed to be invisible integrated and comfortable.

Best Tape Hair Extensions


HairContrast is the company that created the first ever tape-in hair extensions, which took the hair industry by storm in the early 2000’s. As a trendsetter and innovator hair company, they have enhanced the tape-in extensions making the new generation of tape-in extensions a new classic must have. Exclusive products such as this one are only available for professionals in the hair industry, such as, trained hair stylists.

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20+ Years Experience

HairContrast has worked with professional hair dressers for more than 20 years. We can be your professional partner and supplier.