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Supplier Identification & Conditions of Use HairContrast.com is a site operated by AqqRate Aps. We are registered in Denmark under company VAT # 37292370, with our registered office and trading address being: – Bohrsvej 14, 8600 Silkeborg, Denmark. IF YOU SHOP WITHIN THIS WEBSITE, YOU MUST ACCEPT ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

Subscription & Payment

By accepting the subscription conditions for HairContrast.com, you accept that HairContrast.com (AqqRate ApS) may withdraw the amount documented for your subscription period. This is valid until you decide to cancel your subscription. Upon completion of an order containing subscriptions, you will receive a receipt from HairContrast via email, sent to the e-mail address listed for the account. The receipt contains information about your subscription, which includes the total amount of purchase. You can view your subscription by logging on to HairContrast.com, followed by selection “My Account.” Note: Customers from United Kingdom must login at https://www.haircontrast.com/uk/ Customers from Netherlands must login at https://www.haircontrast.com/nl/ When processing a digital order, the money is withdrawn once the digital order has been delivered. Currencies: https://www.haircontrastc.com = € https://www.haircontrast.com/uk/ = £ https://www.haircontrast.com/nl/ = € All amounts are excluded VAT. We only accept payment from Visa, and MasterCard for all MEMBERSHIPS. However, for all of the PRODUCTS available in our shop, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Bank Transfer. Incase an order can not be processed due to a minimum order amount for specific countries, you will be informed during the checkout procedure. Bank Transfer If bank transfer is selected as payment method, total amount must be transfered to our account before any shipment is sent. Our bank account information, and total order amount is send to account e-mail upon order completion. Bank information is also listed below: EURO: Recipient: AqqRate ApS Account: 7738 0010726 Bank: Vestjysk Bank IBAN: DK6477380000010726 BIC/Swift: VEHODK22 GBP: Recipient: AqqRate ApS Account: 7738 0010742 Bank: Vestjysk Bank IBAN: DK2077380000010742 BIC/Swift: VEHODK22

Payment fees

Any payment fee will be shown at checkout page. HairContrast.com uses an approved payment server, which encrypts all of your card information with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means that it is not possible to obtain your information. The payment will appear on your account as HairContrast. HairContrast.com is allowed to capture payments within 7 days, or later if order has been processed but payment has not been captured.

Termination of Subscription and Fixation Period:

You have the option to cancel your subscription at your convenience. When choosing to cancel your subscription, the payments become terminated immediately. To cancel your subscription, log in to HairContrast.com and select “My Account.” Lastly, select “Cancel” shown next to the subscription that you wish to end.

Cardholders Responsibility and Liability:

Your subscription for HairContrast.com is binding from the moment you complete your order/transaction. As a subscriber you’re obligated to pay for the delivery cost. Furthermore, to pay subsequent subscription withdrawals until you’ve canceled your subscription. Your subscription for HairContrast.com will be renewed automatically if you choose to re-subscribe.

Special Product(s) Ordering

By ordering custom made special products, like Air Skin, Fine Skin, Top Extension, New Me, and T-Parting, you accept that we may capture the full amount within 7 days. Delivery time for these products are up to 10 weeks.


HairContrast.com sell digital and physical products/services. By subscribing to a digital membership, you accept that your right of withdrawal will be voided. This enables us to setup your account immediately. If you, in spite of the acceptance of the cancellation of your right of withdrawal, want to use the right of withdrawal, we can justifiably claim payment for work performed or services used during this period. According to the legislation this must be done within 14 days from the order. The notification shall be given by email to info@haircontrast.com. In the notification it must be made clearly that you want to use your right of withdrawal.

Right of withdrawal

We do not offer any right of withdrawal on business to business items.


Membership discount is calculated in advance. Members can see regular price and discounted price. Coupons is applied in basket or checkout page.


During the checkout step, you get to choose the best delivery method that will suit your time and location. In case any items in your order are unable to be delivered immediately, let us know and we will part deliver it or, if need be, help you find a substitute product. In case we are unable to deliver within the set delivery date, we will let you know. Should the delivery not arrive, contact us within 14 days of the day you placed the order. In a few cases, the package may be delayed due to holidays, transport hitches or festivals. A few changes in delivery may also come up during weekends. Countries covered: Within the EU, we cover United Kingdom (UK), Poland, Ireland, Finland, Switzerland France, Lithuania Greece, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, and Spain. Outside EU: Depending on country. Normally packages are posted as standard mail. Bulky packages will be sent directly to your company address.

Delivery of Service

We provide access to your membership within 1-3 business day. Service is completed once the customer has received access to their membership.


By accepting these conditions, you hereby accept that we may contact you, or your business, using the submitted account information.


If you feel that the product delivered is not as described or is defective or faulty, contact us by info@haircontrast.com. For us to get a full assessment of the product, please send it back with a detailed description of the problem together with how you used the product. Should you fail to send back the entire product/order, our assessment will be based on what we receive, and therefore the refund will only be to suffice what we receive. In a case of complaints with hair attachment, please get in touch with the hair stylist that performed the service, as this individual is responsible for the service. We do not refund hair attachment costs.

Return Policy

  • We do not accept return items without prior agreement.
  • Refund amount is returned item(s) product price -15%
  • We do not refund shipping cost and fees.
  • Product must be in unbroken packaging and in the same conditions as it was received.


All shipping charges are non-refundable. For a full refund (-15%) to be made, the goods must not have been tampered with in terms of damage, alteration or wear. All labels and tags should be intact. In case of any tampering, we will assess the level of damage caused and all depreciations in value will go unrefunded. In the event that you receive a defective good, you should get in touch with us immediately and have the product shipped back to us. HairContrast.com offers full product replacement for all defective products. The rules and regulations herein do not, however, limit statutory rights that are in place.

Warranty Add-on

HairContrast.com offers an extended warranty add-on for human hair products. The Warranty Add-on is valid in 90 days, starting from the day the product arrives at customer location. The Warranty Add-on includes a Hair Care kit.

Warranty Claim

A warranty claim period of 1 years is given under the Sale of Goods act. Our warranty claim applies to any defects for the original products that have been purchased and/or delivered. The claim does not apply to defects or damage committed by incorrect operation of the product/service, or if the product has been used. Products worth more than €50 (regular price) must be shipped with tracking code.


AqqRate ApS ATT: Haircontrast.com Bohrsvej 14 8600 Silkeborg Denmark We do not accept packages sent as cash-on-delivery.


If a reimbursement has been arranged, please send in your bank details so that we are able to transfer the agreed amount.

Force Majeure

HairContrast.com is not accountable for performance delays caused by events that are not within the control of the company.


Reservations are made regarding pricing errors and other typing, image and import errors related to the products on haircontrast.com. We will not sell personal information belonging to third parties. By accepting these terms and conditions, you accept also our terms of use.