You have chosen to get hair extensions and we have made this instruction to guide you to a successful life with your new hair extensions. It is extremely important that you observe the rules described in this brochure where you can also read how to care for your hair extensions in your everyday life.
You need to know that a full head of extensions are time-consuming. If you are not willing to spend the time needed to care for them we would not recommend you to have hair extensions as you risk problems if you do not care for the extensions correctly.
It is important to remember that you have full responsibility for their daily care.

We congratulate you on your new hair extensions from HairContrast.

Top tips to maintain your hair extensions

  • Use the soft HairContrast brush when brushing
  • Always use the products included in the HairContrast system
  • We recommend plaiting your hair at night
  • Apply a HairContrast “Protecting hair mask” twice a week
  • Always remember to apply a “Protecting hair mask” to your hair extensions for 15 min, if you have been exposed to sea or chlorine water
  • Always dry your hair in the direction of growth (never blow air into the hair)

Bad things for HairExtension

  • Styling products with alcohol or ethanol as alcohol dries the hair and increases the risk of dry matted hair. Your stylist can recommend the proper styling products.
  • The use of hair spray is not recommended.
  • Never use water that is too warm as it dries up the hair
  • Color the hair extensions can dry out the hair, If you do color the Hair Extension the warrenty will go away
  • Never go to sleep with wet hair
  • Chlorine is a major enemy of hair extensions owing to the fact it is a harsh chemical
  • Sea water is a major enemy of hair extensions at it really dries out the hair.

Can you develop scalp problems with HairContrast?

In theory, yes. You can be allergic to anything.
If you have a sensitive scalp, you may experience skin irritation.
HairContrast products are free from the harmful substances that may cause scalp problems.
If you are in doubt whether you may use hair extensions, we recommend attaching 2-4 strands which you should wear for eight days. If there are no reactions, you can have hair extensions without any risks.
After a full extension, you can have a tightening and itching sensation in your scalp the first few days as you have had your hair volume almost doubled. This is normal and quickly passes off.
Remember never to leave your hair extensions for more than 6-8 weeks when it is time for repairs.

Hair extensions care

A long and beautiful life of the hair extensions is ONLY possible if they are cared for correctly.

If it was possible to balance the use of hair extensions in percentages, and if the stylist performs her/his work 100% correctly, mounting and cutting the hair, there is a 40% chance of the customer becoming satisfied with her/his new hair; the last 60% must be achieved through proper care.

In theory, you could say that hair extensions are “dead hair”. It can be compared with a dead tree where all branches need moisture to remain flexible.

The same principle applies to the hair extensions…

HairContrast has developed its own unique care products for hair extensions, based on a low pH value. They also add maximum moisture and care.

We recommend shampooing the hair extensions 2-3 times a week. Procedure:

  • Brush the hair from the ends to the roots before shampooing.
  • Wet the hair.
  • Apply the HairContrast “protecting shampoo” to the middle lengths and towards the tips, massage it carefully in. Left over foam is used on the roots and scalp
  • Rinse the hair with tepid water after shampooing.
  • Then apply HairContrast “Protecting hair mask” to the middle lengths and towards the tips and leave it for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse the hair with tepid water.
  • Blot the hair with a towel, distribute HairContrast “Argan oil for long hair” on to the hair and brush the hair from the ends to the roots. Before styling, it is a good idea to dry the hair naturally before drying it with a blow drier.
  • Preferably, apply “Argan oil for long hair” to the hair after blow-drying.

We congratulate you on your new hair extensions from HairContrast.