Unique hair solution for hair loss. HairContrast provides a replacement solution to hair loss and thinning hair in many forms. This hair system involves non-surgical methods. The hair systems are specifically tailored to suit most types of hair loss condition for all individuals. Advice from our very experienced staff members will help live a confident and elegant lifestyle.

A confident assurance of quality hair systems made from high-quality materials and with the latest technology is our pride. Giving you a natural assuring appearance, a very comfortable and secure fit.

Based on individual satisfaction, we have created a hair system that looks and totally feels natural. Our product is designed from various hair systems concepts, well tested and with no side effects. The breathable artificial base skin, and very fine materials used to make provide maximum quality. A hair system so light and comfortable that you don’t even feel it.

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Hair Solution for Hair Loss – Examples

Client Story – Hair Loss

When I think of hair loss, I think of someone with grey hair in their 60’s or someone who suffers from cancer. I never thought that me, a women in her early 40’s, which lives a healthy lifestyle would begin to lose hair at a rapid paist.

I know it did not happen overnight but it feels like it did. I remember waking up and looking into the mirror realizing that there was no denying how different I look due to my hair. I guess I first noticed my hair was falling out about a year ago. I would see lots of hair strands on my pillow, hair brush, etc. My friends would tell me it’s because I have long hair so it’s more noticeable to see whereas if you have short hair it is not as visible. I was also told that humans shed 100 hair strands daily so I chose to ignore it as I thought it was all in my head. Little did I know, these were actually common symptoms for thinning hair.

I realized I had thinning hair when I visited my hair stylist. I told her that I feel like my hair is falling out and I expected her to say what everyone says, which is “You look beautiful, you have a full set of hair, it’s all in your head…” But to my surprise she said something that really frightened me, which was that she can see what I mean since my hair has become thinner, making the volume decrease drastically. I was worried, I came in just to get my hair trimmed and colour but now I’m thinking I may need a wig or something at this age?! I got my hair cut and coloured and than rushed out of there.

I didn’t continue to talk about my thinning hair with my hair stylist because I was embarrassed. Instead, I called up one of my best friends and cried to her about my insecurities of hair loss and how its becoming a reality. That’s when she told me something that shocked me even more than when my hair stylist told me I had thinning hair. She told me that she suffers from hair loss too?! Her hair lacks no volume and looks so beautiful. It’s impossible that she’s wearing a wig, her hair looks so real! She told me that she doesn’t wear a wig, it’s all her natural hair, just a small add on, which makes a huge difference. She gave me a number of a salon that works with the company ‘HairContrast’ so that I can arrange a consultation meeting with them.

I arrived to the salon the following weekend for the consultation meeting. My hair technician that I spoke with asked me questions about my hair and I answered. It wasn’t until we got to the personal questions that really made me expose myself but it was nice to let it all out without being judged. The question was a simple one, she asked why do I want to get help for my thinning hair and how does having thinning hair makes me feel? I told her that I grew up thinking no one will love me if I’m not attractive; Both inside and out. I knew it was a possibility that I could suffer from hair loss but I was thinking I had at least another 10 years before it started. I’m in my early 40’s and I no longer feel like I look attractive on the outside, while feeling crushed on the inside. She was sympathetic to what I had said but was not sad, she was actually smiling, which through me off-guard.

The reason why she was smiling was because she was excited to show me what really is a life changing product, the same one my friend has on. It’s called ‘T-Parting,’ a product created by HairContrast and only a handful of salons actually offer this product. She suggested I should use this product because it’s perfect for people suffering from thinning hair, like myself. It looks like a layer of hair that can be attached on to your head, giving you extra volume. To make it look real it is made of 100% Remy Human Hair, making the quality of the hair outstanding. It comes in various colours, including my hair colour (I’m blonde). With many shades to choose from and selecting the hair length, plus base size, she had all the information needed to purchase my personalized T-Parting! When it comes to attachment, they can use either tape or clips. With clips, you can clip it on and off. However, tape gives you that permanent feel as if it is your own hair and will securely stay on your head without causing any pain or irritation. It won’t damage your existing hair either since its super safe. She told me by taking the tape route, I would have to come once a month to get it readjusted, since my natural hair will grow so to secure the attachment I will need to come back. The maintenance is no problem, it’s pretty much the same like getting hair extensions too.

The following week I came back to the salon for my hair appointment to get the T-Parting. They politely welcomed me, gave me some tea and something to read while I waited for my hair stylist to be finished with their client. Within 5 minutes she came and had that same smile on her face, which calmed me a bit since I have been very nervous about this day. She washed my hair, massaged my head and then brought me over to the chair. I got to see the T-Parting, it looked exactly like my natural hair in terms of texture, colour, but it was way to long. When she placed it onto my head she then cut it so that it can be blended into my own hair. I wanted to cry. Not because I was sad about my hair loss, but because I could visually see the transformation and I was in shock! I looked like how I did years ago before any thinning hair had started. I couldn’t thank her enough and I forget it’s on my head because I can’t feel the weight. It feels like my own hair and it is my own hair. It may not be my natural hair but it forsure is my own hair and I am very proud to have it!

Besides having my confidence back and looking even more stunning than ever, one of the best parts for me is not only the compliments I received but whom I received it from. I uploaded a before and after picture on my facebook page and the hairstylist I always went to commented with a surprised emoji and wanted to know how did I beat thinning hair. I told her about the salon that helped me, T-Parting and how she should contact HairContrast to learn more about the diverse range of hair loss solution products. Fast forward 2 years later, I still use the t-parting, I like to change up the colour every now and then by purchasing a new one, also with different lengths. I never been happier and never looked better. I urge anyone struggling with hair loss to contact HairContrast, they can help you find a salon that carries their products that are nearest to you so you can book your consultation like I did and thus starts the beginning of your journey to happiness! 🙂

Hair Solution for Hair Loss – Customized to You

A considerable number of individuals pride in their hair since it totally compliments their looks and hair loss could be gut-wrenching for them. Some of the major hair loss causes are alopecia totalis, hair thinning, hair loss after chemotherapy and even pattern male baldness. Either way, these devastating conditions create a very uncomfortable, stressed and a less confident individual.

Many young people both male and female find it hard to accept that they have hair loss problem and in their desperation, they try their lack on all possible solutions they get. Hair fiber, hair transplants, laser therapy, medications, name it, a whole list of possible solutions. Disappointingly, this methods are not always effective and leave them feeling even more miserable. Likewise, standard wigs and toupees are all hot and very itchy which make them uncomfortable. Despite the fact that they provide a full head of hair, they look unrealistic and don’t give much confidence.